Sunday, August 7, 2011

Millcreek Canyon and a stop at the Zoo.

Mitch was off this weekend, so although we have a ton of stuff to do around the house, we took a little time off of all the chores to enjoy some family time. Saturday evening we decided to hit the Zoo for a couple of hours. We got a membership when we first got here, and the kids LOVE it. Since we go all the time, I don't usually take pictures, but Myra made a new friend...
I don't know his name, but Myra insists that he is a Prairie Cat. That kid is cute.

Sunday after church we decided to check out one of the local hiking hotspots, Millcreek Canyon. We packed up a big picnic and headed out there. Logan was so excited to go climb a mountain!
They were both so excited to get there and see all the trees and streams! I also must deny responsibility for Myra's outfit. Midriff baring and leopard print - I see trouble in the teen years ahead.
We climbed some trees and threw rocks in every stream we passed.
There were waterfalls everywhere, and the kids had to stop at every one.
Myra wasn't sure she wanted to get any closer though. They spit!
Duncan had fun too. And how cute are those boys in their matching hats?! Of course, the plan was for Duncan to ride and Logan and Myra to walk...
Myra had other plans. It was really fun, and so beautiful! We all had a blast.
And after all that hiking, we're pooped!

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