Thursday, August 4, 2011


Logan has been having all the fun in gymnastics for the last 2 years, and now  it's Myra's turn!!
Once we found a gym here in SLC that we liked, we registered them both. Myra was so excited!! The came the first day of class. Logan was in his element, but Myra had a little trouble getting adjusted.
But after 4 weeks, she is participating for the entire 45  minute class with only minimal mommy intervention. The biggest breakthrough was last week we she actually got into the pit!!
Doesn't that look fun?! It's the same concept as a ball pit, but filled with big foam blocks. The more advanced gymnasts do all sort of cool tricks off the trampoline or bars and into them. Myra was afraid to go near it, but I sat Duncan in there last week and she hopped in, too. Now it's hard to get her out...
It's a good thing we have gymnastics to distract them. If they had their way, this is what my little couch potatoes would do all day long.

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