Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cinders and Ashes, Logan is 5!

My big boy turned 5 yesterday, and we had a full day of fun! We started out with our first day back at gymnastics. Logan and Myra both have great classes with great coaches.
Upside down is Logan's favorite position. After gymnastics, we went to Target to pick up Logan's cake and have a treat. Our local Target has a great little snack bar and the seating area in the Starbucks is spacious and fun. From there we stopped at Sonic for drinks and then headed to a park we hadn't tried out yet.
It was awesome! It was a gorgeous day and the park has the most amazing view of the mountains.
Logan thought this rope bridge was the coolest thing ever.
Myra chilled out with her orange soda at the table, then she ran around with Logan. A couple of kids were there with their Nanny and the kids played together while I chatted. After prying the kids off the equipment, we headed home for a low-key afternoon. The best part of the day was when Daddy came home!! Mitch has been working insane hours this month and hasn't been home for bedtime about half of the time. We have all missed him, but Logan especially. It was so great to all be able to celebrate together. After we had a Logan friendly dinner of pancakes and fruit, it was time for presents!
Here is Logan's impressive haul. Yes, you should all buy stock in Thomas & Friends... We took a ton of pictures, the best of which can be found here. Click for all the details. After presents, we had cake. Logan broke with the traditional Lightning McQueen cake, and went with ... Thomas. I know, a shock.
I think the folks at Target did a lovely job. It is the first time we've gotten a cake at Target, and it was very good. Logan surprised us again by asking for chocolate cake. It was yummy!
Logan was really happy! He was so excited to see his name next to Thomas and the tracks!
After cake, it was time for bed. It was hard to pry Logan away from all the new toys. This morning it was imperative to break them in.
Still in jammies, and before even having breakfast, they had already built two different train tracks.
I convinced them to actually have breakfast by allowing them to share it with Woody, Buzz and Jessie. Those kids crack me up.

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Searls Stuff said...

It won't be long before you need to build an addition just to house the train sets! Great fun!