Friday, June 24, 2011


Aside from the fact that our moving truck is STILL in Texas, we are trying our best to settle in. Since we don't have any furniture or personal belongings, we're mostly trying to stay out of the depressingly empty house. Fortunately, there is a ton to do around here!
Of course, the obvious thing is Temple Square. That temple is BIG.
For reference, here is Myra posing against one of the doors.
We also went to the zoo, which the kids really enjoyed!
There were lots of animals to climb and animatronic dinosaurs all over the place. There is also a train, which Logan LOVED. We'll likely be spending a good bit of time there.
Even the grocery stores here are fun! Logan and Myra were loving the pint sized carts. I enjoyed not having to push the big one.
Even though my kitchen stuff is still in Texas, Myra managed to make brownies.
Of course, a new house and no stuff means a couple of trips to Ikea.
Myra looks ready to crash out on this bed! She was so sweet and when she saw Mitch lay down to check out the mattress, she found a pillow for him and brought an extra for herself.
No trip to Ikea is complete without a stop at the cafe. Myra likes the chocolate cake.
On our first trip, we got a futon for the kids' playroom. Look, we all  fit!
At our second trip, we thought it was pretty funny that both kids made beelines to the computer desks. And yes, Myra is wearing the same dress. She loves that dress, and so does everyone who sees her in it.
Even though he doesn't eat much, Duncan likes the Ikea cafe, too!
We also celebrated our first birthday here - mine!
Logan chose the cake. He's so awesome. I had a great day. Mitch was home, and we chilled out in the morning. I did a bit of sewing. In the afternoon, I went fabric shopping. When I got home, we did presents since the kids (and Mitch) couldn't wait any longer. They're so cute. After that, we went out for Thai food, which I have really missed while we lived in Temple.
Isn't it lovely? The food was great and the service excellent. They brought the kids bananas before the meal (which was ready so fast we really didn't have time to wait!), and had an excellent fruity fried rice dish that Myra liked.
Now, if only our stuff would get here from Texas... We finally got a semi-straight answer from the moving company and apparently the truck will be leaving Texas on the 1st, to arrive here on the 6th, which will make it exactly a month from the day they packed us up. For the record, we will NEVER be using North American to move again. They have been impossible to work with.


Searls Stuff said...

After many, many moves while Ron was in the Army; I understand your pain! I can't wait to hear about how much fun it is finding the perfect place for all of your things. I am glad your move to Utah is going well otherwise.

Eric and Aubrey said...

That is awful! I'm so sorry. We're in SLC until Wednesday morning. We've discovered a few fun things to do, and we'd love to meet up with you!