Friday, June 17, 2011

Preschool graduation!!

This post is long overdue! Logan had his preschool graduation program on May 24th. He loved his preschool class. His teacher, Ms. Lynda, was amazing and all of the kids got along well. We'll really miss them all.
Here is his class. Joshua, Logan, Aniella, Jonathan, Karis, Cayden and Bannock.
Logan took his walk down the aisle very seriously. This part was so cute! They played Pomp & Circumstance as each child walked up to the stage. Even the little 2 year olds were in on it.
Ms. Amy gave them their "diploma". Logan's not sure what to make of it.
Here is Ms. Lynda. She was so wonderful with Logan, and we miss her already.
After the graduation, the kids had a presentation for us. They sang several songs, but this one cracked me up. It also explained some strange singing Logan had been doing.

The other two songs they sang are here and here.
We loved this preschool so much! Logan learned a ton and really grew over the course of the year. It was amazing.

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