Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We're getting close to Mitch having to head back to work, and there is still a ton to do, but we're trying to sneak in some fun as well. Some friends from Temple were in town, so we got a chance to see them yesterday. We met up at Liberty Park and we were having so much fun that I totally forgot to take pictures! The park is totally awesome. The kids played in a water element based on the canyons around the area. There was also a small fair with rides, duck ponds and big hills to climb. I did manage to get a picture of all the big kids feeding the ducks. So cute!
After wearing the kids out at the park, we came home for FHE. Earlier that morning, we found a cake pan that made little train shaped cakes. Since Logan and Myra both love trains, we decided to make that our activity and treat.
Here is the engine and coal car, before decorating. Aren't they cute??
The kids had a blast decorating. Logan was really good with the frosting, and Myra applied M&Ms like a pro. Some of them even managed to make it onto the train.
The sprinkles were Logan's favorite. Everything on his end of the train got a liberal dusting.
Here is the finished masterpiece. Once it was done, the kids wouldn't eat it! Although perhaps that was the result of the masses of candy they consumed while building it...


Eric and Aubrey said...

It was fun seeing you yesterday. We had a great time. Thanks for meeting up with us!

Caroline said...

Looks like fun! Also cool to see your new place.