Friday, August 20, 2010

More presents!!

I love the age of online/mail order shopping, since it means we get to spin out our birthday's even longer.  Both Mitch and Myra have been enjoying a near daily trickle of more presents!!
Myra is in princess heaven in her new princess pool.  It was high noon when the package came and WAAAAY too hot to go outside, even with water so we blew it up in the living room.
It works great with water as well.  Yum! Dirty sprinkler water!
Oma also sent this sweet dress that she made.  You can't really tell from the picture, but there is fine silver glitter all over the fabric.  Myra loves it!  She keeps asking for her 'parkley dress.
But what is a new dress without new shoes?  Every little Texan needs some boots.  Myra's are pink, of course.  She adores them and has been wearing them everywhere, matching or not.  It's a good thing 90% of her wardrobe is pink.  Yesterday we had a true Texas moment, as we took her to the Walmart wearing a dirty white "wifebeater" style tank top, shorts and naturally, her boots.  I was hoping for a spot on People of Walmart, but she even does white trash with style, and everyone thought she was adorable.

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JustameR said...

That dress is awesome! I had bought Alex some Toy Story cowboy boots from Wal-mart before we left TX. Anytime he sees them he wants to immediately put them on.