Sunday, August 15, 2010


On to our next birthday in the August lineup...  Mitch celebrated another year yesterday!  And I learned my lesson about too many cameras, so photo organization was much easier this time.  Besides, grownup birthdays aren't as photogenic as kid birthdays.

I think Mitch still had a good day.  He got a chance to run in the morning, did some studying (His boards are tomorrow, so wish him luck!) and we celebrated with chocolate fudge cake and ice cream, as well as some of his favorite foods for dinner.
Then it was time for presents!
Logan helped, of course.  Mitch was excited about his digital frame and iTunes gift cards!
Then it was time to open presents from my parents.  Logan started tearing in, and I mentioned that these were for Daddy from Pappy and Oma.  Logan immediately stopped opening the package and said, "No!"  We were so confused!  Did he want Mitch to open them?  No, not that...  What was wrong?  Eventually Logan told us, "I am waiting for Oma and Pappy!"  Awwww!!
Eventually we talked him into it, but Myra had to open one.
Mitch immediately set to reading his new book about Lance, and Logan closely examined the new game.  It looks like fun!

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Sarahbelle said...

"waiting for Oma and Pappy" Oh! that just kills me that we couldn't be there!!!