Thursday, September 24, 2009

School days

Logan had his second day of Joy School today, and I manged to get his backpack made in time, so here he is with it on! I know, those straps are impressive, hey? He really likes it and I had a hard time getting him to take it off in the car. Yay!
Randi was our teacher today. She was awesome!! Logan was begging to "Do it again!" before we even left the house. Since Randi and I have the littlest of the littles in our group, we agreed to trade off watching our littler ones when we are teaching, so I got to take Lisa home with me today.We had lots of fun! The girls were so cute playing together. I was really impressed at how well they both shared. Lisa had a great time terrorizing the cat. Fortunately, Godiva is used to that sort of "fun". She's had plenty of practice!!

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randivon said...

My blogger account is finally working and I can leave comment again. Yeah! Anywho, this is just fun. Thanks for taking Mary and thanks for letting Logan come to preschool... we had so much fun!