Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama and Health Care

So I'm frightened.

I read the President's speech about health care, and it sounds very nice. Until you realize that nearly every promise that he makes is a blatant lie. He promises that everyone will have coverage, and says he won't raise taxes to do it, which strains common sense. He promises that there won't be a one-payer, government run system, but the bill currently floated in the house makes this a virtual certainty. Mandating absurd levels of coverage for private insurance, and then subsidizing the public program with taxpayer money, guarantees that the public option will be cheaper for the consumer, driving the private insurance out of business.


All this in the face of a questionable economy, and the largest spending spree in history, possibly by any nation, ever.

Who the devil thought up this garbage?

Well, at least we know how Obama got elected. He contracted with the community organization called ACORN, which he used to work for, to register voters. This organization then proceeded to fraudulently register hundreds of thousands of voters across the nation. They are currently under investigation for voter fraud. But that's not the sick part.

Two conservative journalists posed as a pimp and a prostitute, and went to two local ACORN offices to ask for help and housing funding to set up an apartment where they could bring 13 year olds from Africa to use as prostitutes. The ACORN officials not only didn't call the cops, they helped them find ways to avoid the taxman, and helped them set up this so-called business.

Don't believe me? Can't blame you. The videos are available here: (, you will have to scroll down to see them. Full text also available.

I just finished reading the bit in the Book of Mormon that talks about how this is a blessed land unless we are no longer righteous. Boy are we in trouble.

We elected this jerk. We are ultimately responsible.

What to do? You could try protests.
Estimates of the crowd vary, but some place it at nearly 1 million people.

My father taught me, If no good people run for office, who is left? I'm not signing up to run, obviously, but it seems to me that the time to sit on the sidelines and wait for the good-ol'-boys in DC to fix things is well past.


Steven and Eunice said...

Amen. You know, I think the mass public just wanted to elect him because he was black and it would make history (not to sound racist, but he didn't really have the credentials, so why else elect him?)....history is defineitly in the making as the US economy is failing, policits are running earmarks here and there, dockets are made up of the issues with the most $$$ behind it and the media seems to be more concerned about who's designer clothes politicians are wearing. Government should not be a red carpet affair, but that's what it seems to be. It's time to get back to basics. The government deserves a big slap to the back of the head and wake up!! There are more important issues right now that need to be addressed.

David said...

Mitch, I've wondered about your opinion of the health care madness, since you're in "the biz". There are so many ways to cut costs (tort reform, etc) that would not cost a dime of taxpayer money, but due to bribes (campaign donations) there is no incentive to do the right thing. We're headed down a road that will ruin the economy. These decisions can not be made based on what Obama wants to happen. He can't change the laws of economics. You know, if we actually enforced border laws, think of the millions the hospitals would save by not having to treat so many illegals for free.

David said...

Thanks for your insight from someone in "the biz". I hate what I'm hearing coming out of Washington, and Obama is going 100 mph the wrong way. There are too many simple solutions that wouldn't cost a trillion dollars that are not even being considered. How about tort reform, so doctors aren't smothered by malpractice insurance? It's working pretty well in TX so far. And what if we actually enforced the border? How many millions would the hospitals save by not treating 11 million illegals for free?

Chelle said...

Good points. Until we realize that health care is NOT a right, but rather a service that is bought and sold, subject to the laws of supply and demand, we're going to continue down a ruinous path. Every time I hear that nonsense my blood boils.