Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are packing in the fun these days, first with Joy School, and now with gymnastics! Logan LOVES it!! Before class even started he was "hanging" out on the equipment.
Although there is room for 6 kiddos in his class, he is currently solo. It is awesome, since he gets one on one coaching, but I think it would be fun for him to have a buddy or two in there. A friend of ours from church should be starting next month, so that will be fun.

Class starts out with warm ups.
Logan bear crawls...
Bunny hops...
and stretches.
Some times he is more cooperative than others.
His favorite thing is the big trampoline.
Today the skill that we were working on was straddling with his legs. Here he is jumping over the stuffed animals. He really had fun doing this!
A fun forward roll keeps things moving.

They set up sort of obstacle courses to work on different ways to use the skill of the day. Here are some parts of the course today.
Straddling an object while coach rolled it back and forth. This was really fun!Then straddle-jumping up onto something. Logan had a little trouble with this, since he's a little short, but he climbed.Jump!
Myra wanted in on the fun, too. Since we are the only ones there, she has the run of the gym. She loves it, too!
Another forward roll.
And a try on the rings. He hung there really well, but we won't be trying any iron crosses just yet.


Amy and David said...

Looks like fun

Sabayon said...

That's what happens when you read them Curious George...

Emily said...

That looks o fun! Maybe I need to look into putting Gracie into it.

Sarahbelle said...

This is so great!!!
They both look like they learned some fun things! I hope Mitch gets to take them to some classes -- he would really enjoy getting to learn how to teach them this!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

how come I never heard about this while I was in Temple? That looks pretty cool to me and I bet the kids love it!