Friday, February 20, 2009

Music Makers!!

This is the highlight of Logan's week! We have a wonderful friend, Tammy, who puts together this program every week. The kids sing and dance and accidentally learn about music. It is awesome!! We go every Friday morning. Logan is usually asking for it by Tuesday. I took some pictures today of the fun...
Here we are learning about colors. This month's color is pink, so we all bring something pink to show through the "window", which Zander is holding. Logan loves doing this, and usually tries to get more than one turn. Zander's onto him, though.
Here we are singing with puppets. The song is pretty simple - lots of La, La, La - but moves up and down the scale, which the kids represent visually with their puppets. Logan loves it and runs around the house singing La La Las all the time. He does not, however, do anything in a conventional manner. Note that he is sitting and facing the pretty kids all in a row.
Logan, playing in the back of the gym.
Circle time. Logan is actually paying attention, although again with the unconventional. He stands while everyone else sits.
Logan jumps over the Candlestick. He LOVES this one.
This is Marching Time. The kids all get an instrument and march around the gym. Logan usually goes for drums or a maraca (or both), but today he has some sort of banging instrument.
Here is the music lesson. Logan is there, front and center, although I'm not sure he can see Tammy's visual aids...
This is part of activity time. They are banging pots, pans and sticks and acting like chickens (in the kitchen). Fun!
More activity time. This time we are jumping and counting. Since those are Logan's two favorite activities, he is all about it! His best friend, Anna is front and center in the picture.
We always end with Story Time. Logan has usually lost interest by this point and today was no exception. You can see him wandering in the back behind Caroline and Hayley.
Thanks, Tammy!! We love it!!!!

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Emily said...

We love music makers and Logan makes it all that more exciting. I think he is the reason Gracie is so tired when we get home because she's been chasing after him