Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving along

Myra may not be crawling yet, but she's figured out how to get around anyway, when properly motivated. She can roll both ways, and apparently decided that she really wanted that kitty! I laid her down on the blanket, and walked into the garage for about 30 seconds to get the laundry, and this is what I see when I return! Guess the kitty is more fun than her toys. She's also working on sitting up. She really can do it by herself for a few seconds, but I haven't been able to get a picture of that, so here she is sitting with just a little help.
Here's the picture I have been getting - halfway down...
And for some comic relief, Logan chews his toenails. Mitch thinks this is totally gross, but it just makes me laugh. After all, his uncle Dan does it too! I wonder if this is an heritable trait?

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Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

hey I used to chew my toenails too. I still feel tempted sometimes haha. Go Myra she is so advatage for her age. Watch out she will be crawling very soon.