Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Foods!

Myra has been very ready to eat for several weeks now. She's been trying to take food off of our plates and wants to drink out of any glass you might be holding. While I was excited and pushed Logan into cereal at 4 months, I'm not quite as ready for Miss Myra to grow up. Still, I couldn't ignore her "demands" any longer, so we got some rice cereal and hauled the high chair down from the attic yesterday. Logan had to test it out first, of course. Seems pretty sturdy... Here is Myra, enjoying her first bites of rice cereal! She doesn't seem to be such a big fan at first.

But we are getting used to it...
Hey, My turn with the spoon!
Yeah! This eating stuff is fun!
And next, we'll have some of Mommy's pear!
While I do feel that pears are an excellent early food for baby, as they are mild, sweet and have very little allergenic potential, perhaps next time we'll mush it up a bit...
Sigh, another major milestone attained. As much as I love to see her learn and explore new things, it remains a reminder that she's growing up. Still, she's my little princess for now.

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