Monday, January 26, 2009

1PM church

I've been trying, since we switched times with the other ward, to resign myself to church at 1PM. Even before I had kids, I hated having church late. It seems like the whole morning is spent wasting time, no matter how hard I try to make myself do something. While I do believe that the Sabbath is a day to be spent resting from our weekday labors and worshipping the Lord, I don't think that He meant 'hang out in your pjs all morning, throw on something presentable ten minutes before services and get out the door just in time to be late'. And yet, that is what seems to happen, despite my best efforts. I find it a bit mind-boggling that when we have church at 9AM, I am always on time, and usually early. Now that we are at one, I can barely make it before the first hymn. What is that about?!

Now that I have small children, this has thrown a new monkey wrench into the gears. Logan naps between 12:30 and 1:00. He's got a pretty regular schedule - except on Sunday. Now, let me just say that Logan LOVES church. He loves to sing, pray, take the bread and water, and he especially loves his nursery class, where he gets to play with all of his best friends. Now that we are at church during what would be naptime, he's a complete maniac. He still has a wonderful time, but I am very grateful for his nursery leaders for putting up with his wildness. And I suspect he is not the only toddler in there who is lacking a nap... So, he runs around at church like a complete loon, and then is utterly unmanageable all night, until we all finally collapse from exhaustion an hour or so before his usual bedtime. Yesterday however, Logan made an eloquent statement about the condition of things. We took this picture at 5:30, while we were getting dinner on the table. I think it speaks for itself.

Poor little monkey.


Steven and Eunice said...

oh, katie. i feel for you. the girls are the same way. my dad asked me yesterday if i liked his talk, and i had to reply that i didn't even hear it. i was out in the foyer trying to calm jayden down. maybe it would be best to turn the first hour of nursery into nap time for the kiddos.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I hear ya Katie. Ian gets in a very bad mood all day and it totally ruins his schedule for the next to days. We are making him take naps at 11 a.m on sundays and let him sleep for an hour (since of course he will start craying as soon as we put him in his crib for probably 30 minutes). Oh well just 11 more months:S