Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Catch up

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Since we're still limping along with only partial computing power at home, I have been putting off posting, so now there is a ton to catch up!!

We spent Christmas with my parents in Carthage, TX. It was the first time that all of my siblings have been together at the same time in about a decade, so that was pretty cool! Of course, we had my 2 year-old to contend with, so the presents were caged... It seems that Logan enjoys opening presents without regard to their contents or intended recipient. On Christmas Eve we traditionally open one gift, for which we exchange names throughout the family. Here's Dad opening his - with help...
And Logan was kind enough to assist Mitch as well.
He likes the new sweatshirt...
Myra loves the butterfly that her Grandpa Deshazer sent. This Christmas thing is FUN!
Christmas morning - before the chaos. I made flannel pants for us all to wear on Christmas. The were comfy, and cute!
Here is some of the haul...
Rina's bunny slippers. It amuses me that we have both a Monty Python and Atlas Shrugged reference. My family is a bunch of nerds.
Dan's Wii Fit.
James' rock star duckie
The boys and their matching tool sets.
Myra likes the paper. She's not so fussed about the toys...
The uncles with their new niece. How sweet is that??

Logan spent much of the morning showing Elmo around the house. So cute!
While Myra crashed out in a box. Talk about no room in the inn.
And Rina enjoyed a kitty Dave backrub. When we got home, we got to start trying out our presents. Oma and Pappy got Logan a new desk, and he got right to cutting and coloring.
Grandpa and Grandma Deshazer sent Logan some airplane jammies. He's delighted!
And here he is trying out his new drill.And Myra is trying hard to sit up! Any day now...
We had a great Christmas as a family, and are so grateful that so many of us were able to be together for it. We missed the Deshazer half of the family though. It is so wonderful to watch our families grow, but it sure makes it harder to get everyone together for the holidays!

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Scott Family said...

I love the present cage... and Myra sleeping in a box! You are so good at capturing the moment with your camera!