Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unexpected fun

Selling our house has given us the opportunity for some interesting impromptu outings, since we have to vacate the premises for a showing. Today was awesome, because we had 2 showings! One was in the morning, and we were notified of it the day before, so we planned for breakfast at IHOP. When we got there, we discovered that they had some people making balloon animals for the kids!
 Myra requested a princess crown. Isn't the heart balloon the cutest!
She gazed at it adoringly for some time.
Logan's is a blue rocketship.
Blast off!!  The balloons were brilliant and kept the kids entertained while we waited for our food to come. They are always happy once the pancakes and eggs show up, but the wait can be a little hairy...
After IHOP, I had an errand at the Post Office.  Behind the Post Office is a horse pasture. I know, small town Texas. Anyway, usually the horses are in the back field, but today they were close enough to touch,
and Logan did! The horses were a little too big for Myra's taste, so she contented herself with picking flowers that were out of reach of the grazing horses. While we were there, I got a call that another realtor wanted to show our house in an hour, which put it right at lunchtime. After consultation with the powers that be, who really wanted to go to the Chick Fil-A with Oma and Pappy, we compromised by going to the local Chick Fil-A. Longview is a bit of a drive.
Here is what Logan looks like at Chick Fil-A. Always in motion. He does pop over to the table to get a quick drink of juice or some fruit, then back to the playland!
All the while, my ladylike princess double fisted the fries. That girl can eat. She did eventually visit the playland, and fun was had by all. Mitch worked on his talk for Sunday and I knitted on a dishcloth.
Duncan slept through much of it, but he was all smiles the rest of the time. He's such a happy (and wiggly!) little guy!

Now if only someone would put in an offer on the house... It's a great house!!

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Searls Stuff said...

What fun! I clicked on your link and looked at pictures of your house. It is super cute and should sell without any problems. Best wishes!