Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super fun, no documentation...

This weekend we had a super fun time at my parents's house (Oma and Pappy to the kids), and I'd love to tell you all about it. I even brought my camera, but the only thing I took pictures of was my sewing. I know, I suck, right?
I did capture a few pictures with the phone.
Myra is ready to go with sunglasses on and Cheetos in hand! We were at a stoplight when I took the picture. Safety first!
It was a lovely weekend, and we spent a lot of time outside. The kids love the backyard - plenty of sticks and piles of dirt. Logan ate a LOT of watermelon. He calls them triangles when cut this way. Much of our food now has shape related nicknames.
The front porch was fun, too. The kids loved Oma's elephants. They're just right for sittin'. I'm not sure who is reading to who here.
It was a great weekend, but I definitely went a little overboard, food-wise. I gained several pounds (grr!), but I think some of it was just water, as 2 of those pounds have already come back off. Salty snacks help keep me awake while making the 5 hour drive.
On the plus side, I haven't been able to button this blouse since Duncan came along. Yay, it fits again!! It's one of my favorites.

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