Friday, March 18, 2011


By some amazing luck, Logan's Spring Break happened to coincide with Mitch's week off this month, so we were hoping to do something fun.  We tossed around ideas - Houston, San Antonio, camping - then all of our ideas were for naught when Logan started throwing up last Wednesday night.  We hoped for a 24 hour bug, but three days later, he was still sick, and Myra came down with it as well.  We all survived.  In fact, Mitch, Duncan and I were miraculously spared (perhaps because we hadn't shared the toilet water Myra was playing in a few days earlier - yuck!), but our fun holiday was pretty much a bust.  Myra was finally mostly herself again a week later, which gave us one day for some family fun.
We decided to take a day trip to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco!  Logan is mesmerized by the squirrel monkeys while Myra admires the red birdies.
There are a couple of cool playspaces at the zoo.  Logan loves the slides!
Mitch convinced Myra to go down this one.  It passes through the otter habitat and they swim around you as you slide.  Super cool!
Myra ad Mitch mostly stuck to more low key activities since she wasn't quite up to her usual self yet.
They both thought the chimes in the Asia exhibit were cool.  They ring when you jump on them!  Mitch is taking a peek underneath to see how they work.
They also enjoyed the teepees outside the bison habitat.
We saw lots of fishies!  Logan was pretty sure he spotted Dory, but Nemo was nowhere to be found.
The giraffe is always my favorite.  They are so graceful for such large animals.
Logan peeks through the fence to get a closer look at the brown bear.
Even Duncan had a pretty good time.  It was his first stroller ride!
Peek-a-boo!  I hope we get a chance to go again before we leave Texas, although we might not get a better day.  The weather was just perfect!  It was a great day!!


Sarahbelle said...

That looks like great fun!!!! Remember the fun times we had at Point Defiance Zoo and San Antonio Zoo??? Wild animals and rides are a great way to recover from illness!

mkt said...

We love the Cameron Park Zoo - so perfect for little kids!