Wednesday, December 30, 2009


That was pretty much all I heard from both kids on the way home from HEB today.  HEB is pretty much their favorite place to go, since our local HEB hands out balloons, lollipops and stickers, but today they were in for a serious treat!  When we pulled in to the parking lot there was a fire truck parked there!

I parked next to it and Logan walked laps around it, pointing out all the numbers and letters and chanting, "Fire Truck!".  Myra pointed and grunted.  That's what she does.  I thought the excitement was over, but as we walked toward the store a second truck pulled into the parking lot, saw Logan staring and turned on the lights and sirens!!  I thought Logan was going to explode from the excitement!  When we got into the store, the firemen soon followed.  They stopped to chat with Logan and me and gave both kids pictures of the truck to take home.  Logan might sleep with his tonight.  How freaking cool is that?!?!?  Sometimes I like living in a small town.  But WHY didn't I have my camera?????


Dan Jones said...

You know, there was a firetruck at the grocery store once in Scotland, and I had my camera with me, but my companion was embarrassed at the thought of me taking a picture, so I didn't.

DNAgallows said...

...because you had your hands full with two kiddos and were coming out with groceries. That is awesome!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I agree with Amanda:)

Sarahbelle said...

That was great!!!
Firemen are nice guys (and gals)!