Monday, December 14, 2009

Logan's first proposal

Our friends Mary and Lisa came over to play this morning.  We had so much fun!!  Mary is so great at finding every single girl toy around here (There actually aren't very many - Myra likes trucks.), but she was disappointed to find that we don't have a dress up box.  Until she found a long white satin dress hanging in Myra's closet...

Can you believe that a 3 year old fits into Myra's blessing dress??  The sleeve bands were a touch tight, but Mary is willing to suffer for beauty.  She is a real woman!

We found some scraps of tulle that did for a veil and an old tiara and she was overjoyed.  She asked Logan to marry her, but he declined.  Too bad - the VonBose's would have been great in-laws!!


Sarahbelle said...

She is just radiant in that dress!!

Logan looks a little befuddled, however.

randivon said...

Well this just made me smile... and laugh a little. Is it wrong to laugh at my eccentric daughter? Well, in any case, thanks for having the girls over and for letting her play dress up with your beautiful blessing dress. Was she also wearing wings under the veil? Man... I have got to buy these girls some trains and balls!