Sunday, October 25, 2009

Renaissance Festival

We had so much fun!! This weekend was pirate weekend. Here's a scurvy bunch! Our own merry little band. Those pirate hats stayed on approximately long enough to take two pictures.
Check out this guys costume!
We were watching a show called "Birds of Prey". Falcons, owls and vultures kept flying out over us! Myra LOVED it.
Logan wanted to ride on this cool spinning ride. He liked it at first, but it got a little fast for him. Good thing Daddy was close by.
We spotted this sweet little faery and her Dad while we were having lunch.
Then we wandered through the enchanted gardens, where the kids got to make friends with a mermaid...
see the Tree of Life...
some cool dragons...
and an Asian temple.

Myra loved that. too!
These benches were pretty awesome.
Anna and Logan stop for a kiss.
And again in the wedding chapel. Should I worry about this??
While we were hanging out in the wedding chapel, we saw this beautiful butterfly.
And a real wedding, Renaissance Festival style!
But the coolest part was the faeries!! They came in and played Hide and Seek with the kids!!
Here is one faery counting to ten. Logan helped her when she got stuck.
Here they are hiding.
Our last ride was the carousel. Logan had fun on this one.

The coolest show was one that we totally didn't get any pictures of! We saw a troupe of belly dancers perform. It was awesome! The kids really loved it. Both Logan and Myra were dancing and clapping along.Here is a shot from the troupe's website. They were amazing!

I love the Renaissance Festival!


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Katie those are awsome pictures. Don't worry about the kisses haha They look so cute and if they end up getting married at least you will have a great second mom for Logan right? At least that is what I keep repiting to myself everytime that Jay Hobbs and Nicky see each other. He already told me "CLAUDIA WHEN I'M OLDER I'M GOING TO MARRY NICKY" since then Nicky won't stop talking about her future wedding with her prince Jay:S (aren't kids funny sometimes)

Oi Polly Cervantes said...

The Renaissance Festival sounded awesome, I wished we went before we left Texas. We talked about going every year but never went. Glad you had the pictures up so I could experienced it a little bit.

What awesome moments you captured of the 2 little cuties kissing!