Friday, July 3, 2009


... is it so freaking hot? I'm with Mitch. We can't live here anymore. Yesterday Logan and I burnt our feet walking on the driveway. Utterly ridiculous.

So, today we hit the Splash Park in a sad attempt to find something outdoors to do that would not make us all want to die. Rachel and Kyle joined us there. It actually was fairly pleasant as long as you were either in the shade or in the direct path of a spray of water.
Myra and Logan don't enjoy being sprayed in the face.
But both really had fun either way!
Hmmm. This could be interesting... That looks like a drain, but actually is a sprinkler that just isn't on at the moment. The water features rotate every few minutes. Myra got a bit of a surprise when that one came on!
Logan. Chillin.
Myra liked to hang out in the shade under the bench. Who can blame her?


Amanda said...

Looks like ya'll had fun!

I'm with you, though. I don't remember it being this hot last summer! We actually moved here the summer before when it was raining every afternoon. Now THAT was nice! I thought that was the norm. Ha ha. I told my Mom this past week that if my family wasn't all here in TX, I'd move to Washington state in a heartbeat just to be in a cooler climate!

Sarah said...

Uh, I could eat her chubby arms. They are TOO cute. And those thighs. My gosh. You must be kissing her all day long.