Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trials I don't want

So I found out a couple of days ago that a friend of mine has a tough decision to make. He's newly married, and they got pregnant on the honeymoon. However, the triple screen came back abnormal and the ultrasound suggests Trisomy 18.

I can see all you doctor-types wincing. Trisomy 18 is BAD. Often, there's some question as to whether what is delivered is actually human. Average lifespan is measured in hours, and never in the history of Trisomy 18s has anyone lived longer than a week. They often die in utero and cause all types of problems for the mother, including her own death.

So he and his wife decided to terminate the pregnancy, and for once this avowed abortion-hater has reason to pause. I just can't bring myself to condemn or even really question this decision. All I know is that's a decision I never want to have to make.

We pray for him and his wife. Often. As I hope they would do for me.

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