Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinewood Derby!!

Our ward activities committee (Ok, the Roeth's, but still...) planned a Pinewood Derby for our activity this month and it was a HIT!! We had amazing participation. People I've never seen at an activity before came to play. Mitch managed to get our car together despite his insane schedule. Since they billed it as racing your "Family" car, I thought it would be funny to make a minivan, but since our family car is actually a truck, that is what we went for. Here is Mitch's excellent replica of Big Blue. She didn't go very fast (no weights), but she looked cool! Here is our mystery Mistress of Ceremonies. I have my suspicions, though... You looked and were awesome, Rachelle!!!
Here is Rachel Heidenreich checking out the Hunt's car, and you can see that the competition was fierce!!
Here is the winner. There were no weight limits, so it is a 3 pound scuba weight taped to the wooden car. It kicked everyone else's tail.
And the highlight of the evening for me - Logan folded his arms for the prayer without any prompting, and stayed reverent for the entire prayer. And Joe was really long-winded! I was so proud! I guess he does pay attention to us sometimes.
The Pinewood Derby was so fun! We heard lots of folks planning for next year, so I think this may become a Temple 1st Ward annual event. Yay!


Emily said...

I love that you managed to get a picture of Logan during the prayer, what a great example:) I totally would have done the same thing!

Chelle said...

Okay that was such a fun night. And "The Truck" was one of my favorites. I had envisioned something so totally different in my un-artistic mind, but your family vehicle turned out to be way impressive.

Who's the dork in the sparkly dress?

Janene said...

What a fun activity! I can't believe you've never cut Logan's hair until now! It's still long, too. I just cut Tanner's curls off (again) and as soon as the first clump hit the floor I thought, "what did i do?"