Saturday, September 20, 2008

Growing up...too fast!!

Yesterday Myra decided to accomplish two developmental milestones at once. She finally smiled AT me instead of just at random times and she held up her head 90 degrees. It reminded me of how fast the time seems to be flying by. It seems like just yesterday that she was born. She was so tiny, even the newborn sized clothes were too big, and now she's growing out of them! Oh, my babies! Logan is comparatively SOOO big!!

Here they are - side by side.
And hands together. Myra's hands are so little!!
And proof that she is her fathers daughter. I am completely incapable of rolling my tongue, and Myra can do it at 5 1/2 weeks. She gets that allele from Daddy!

I can't believe how quickly Myra has gone from a tiny little red faced newborn to a big, cute baby! Now if only she would grow some hair...

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