Sunday, December 2, 2012

Construction Weekend, part 1

So, a fellowship typically prevents you from doing anything useful outside of fellowship.

However, I have been fortunate to have three projects come together over this last weekend, all of which have been fun in their own special way.  And, frankly, resurrected my love of woodworking, which was nigh unto dead, buried under a large pile of 80 hour work weeks. 

Project #1:
The Duplo table

The above picture shows the basic design.  The top is 1/2 inch plywood, the legs salvaged from a workbench that was in the back of the garage, the frame is from 1x4 that we brought from Texas.  I framed this out as I knew it would need to stand up to a fair amount of abuse. 

Here Logan is kind enough to help with strength testing.  

We are painting it "global blue" with Krylon.  It's leftover from the project we did that involved creating a whale from an old milk carton and using it to retell the Jonah story.  

Yesterday we started the glue-up for the Duplo plates for the top. 

Turns out that 5 gallon wheat barrels make great weights for a glue-up.

Inspection today indicates that the edges were inadequately glued, so there is a re-glue.  Should be ready tomorrow.  

This project is the one that Logan has been asking for consistently over the last few weeks.  I only work with hand tools when doing woodworking, because 1) then the kids can help with minimal risk of injury, 2) they hate the noise of power tools, and 3) the garage doesn't have any electricity anyway, so power tools are useless.  Both Logan and Myra really enjoy sawing and pounding with hammers.  And I love to see them involved!



I reference above that we required a second glue up before it could be brought indoors.  So final pictures below.

Logan is building a wall.  In point of fact, he informed me that it's the wall of Jericho, and the Evil Emperor Zurg is inside Jericho.  He then had Buzz Lightyear walk around the wall humming "When the Saints come marching in" and then yelled to make the wall fall down.  Should the above not be familiar, I'd recommend a remedial course in VeggieTales.

Myra felt the table was more useful for a tea party.  Duncan was a little unclear but in general just wanted to crawl on it.

Overall, a success.


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