Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

We leave the great state of Texas in one week, but before we left, we had the chance to head up to my parent's house in Carthage. My Grandfather (who had not yet met any of my kids) came up from Florida for the weekend, so it there was extra motivation to be there. sadly, Mitch had to work, so it was just me and the kids. It was a very full weekend, and we got to see lots of family that it's going to be hard to see as often once we get to Salt Lake.
This smiley little man was a universal favorite.
He smiled for Great Grandpa Colley,
even Great Grandpa Jones couldn't resist him. He NEVER holds babies.
Fergus tolerated him nicely. He's a pretty nice kitty.
The big kids had fun, too. Uncle James and Aunt Lindsay brought cousin Brody for them to play with.
They had watermelon together.
They colored, and played with trains.
And they hung out on the stoop.
Myra is becoming the master of the "look", isn't she?
This one is my favorite. Can't you hear the sarcasm? Especially compared to Brody's sweet smile.
We spent a lot of time outside, even though it was pretty hot.
Logan is a monkey wherever he goes.
And this pile of lawn clippings was endlessly fascinating.
As were Duncan's toes.
Sticks of all shapes and sizes were available for poking and prodding.
Sometimes it's nice just to chill on the porch.
Inside, the kids found lots to do as well.
Logan "helped" Pappy organize his food storage. He is endlessly entertained by the cans rolling down the "tracks".
Pappy's elliptical machine was fun, too. Look at that happy face!
 Myra finds accessories wherever she goes.
Oma and Pappy's bed was fun, too. In fact, that was where Myra took her naps each day.
On Saturday, Oma kept her company.
And on Sunday, Fergus kept her cozy.
We all had a truly wonderful weekend. We are going to miss our family so much!! I can't believe we are moving in just a week. Yikes!

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Sabayon said...

"Myra is becoming the master of the 'look', isn't she?"

And you wondered why you kept calling her Varina! That ability to look utterly disdainful while sporty curly pigtails puffy sleeves, that's genetics at work.