Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ren Fest!!

We went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday and had such a blast!!  There was so much to see, do and eat.
Here we are all together, before we had a chance to get messy (which we did!!).  We're all wearing outfits I made this year.  I think that is a first!
We started the fun at the carousel.
We met up with some friends, and watched the parade.  Myra was entranced with the princesses and fairies all around!  One of the princesses even stopped an gave her a flower.
After that we went to my favorite show - the belly dancers!!
Then we all went walking in the garden.  It's a little less crowded back there, and the kids love to climb on all the sculptures.
After that we went to see the elephant.  Logan was a little nervous about it at first, but once he got closer, he couldn't get enough of it!  After admiring it for some time, he was ready to ride!
The other animals were a little tame after that, but the petting zoo was still fun.
After that, we took another cruise through the gardens to do some climbing on dragons,
took another spin on the carousel, (Myra had crashed out by this point!)
and then headed back to Temple.  It was a long, fun filled day, and totally worth it, just for this happy face.


Searls Stuff said...

What super fun! You all look great.

Chelle said... amaze me! Not only are you an amazing seamstress, you're still going strong during your pregnancy. I used to use pregnancy as an excuse for doing pretty much nothing. Beautiful costumes and a darn cute family!