Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Logan is 4!

I don't know why it has taken me so long to sit down and write this post, but there it is.  My big 4 year old started Preschool today, so I am home with a less rowdy house, thinking about my sweet boy-o and hoping that he has stopped screaming and let himself have fun.

Logan turned 4 last week!  The fun started with a package from his Grandma and Grandpa.  Logan LOVES packages, even when they are not for him, and this one was not only for him, but was enormous!!  Seriously, if you want to make Logan's day, send him a package.  It doesn't even have to have anything in it - he just wants to cut it up.
Cutting open the box is his favorite part.  Check out that intense concentration!
After the box, Mitch and I blew up balloons for his party.
My funny little boy had to collect them all on the couch...
then hide them all behind the rocking chair in his room.

We kept the festivities pretty low-key, as Logan doesn't like crowds of people very well.  I think he gets that from his mommy...  We had a few friends over for BBQ, and Oma and Pappy were able to come, which made Logan's day!  The kids all loved the pinata!

Here they are enjoying the spoils.
Then we opened presents.
That was Logan's favorite part!  After presents, we all had cake and ice cream.
Yes, Logan chose the same cake he had last year, although he did elect to go with the blue border this year rather than the red.  A bit of a surprise from my somewhat resistant to change boy.  We spent a lot of time putting Lighting McQueen and Mater back on the cake...
Myra (and the floor) enjoyed the cake, too.
After all the cake was cleaned up, Logan broke out his new train sets and all the kids got together and played.  We didn't get any pictures of that, which is too bad.  They were so sweet!
We were so happy to celebrate out sweet guy and to have friends and family there to help us!  Thanks so much to all those who were able to come and enjoy this special day with us.

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