Monday, August 17, 2009

Why do we buy toys?

...when Myra is just as happy dismantling the potty (which no one uses, so this isn't as gross as you are thinking.),and Logan makes trains from packs of diapers,
then uses the box as a slide, while Myra supervises.
Imaginative, eh?


Sarah said...

I don't know why we buy toys. Well, they scream for them in stores. I guess that's why. But then they come home from the store and play with tupperware and couch cushions. It's so "kid."

Sabayon said...

So they're just like the cat? You buy them the expensive toys but they just bat around a wadded up ball of aluminum foil all day.
Also why are you still giving that girl Cindy Lou Who hair?

DNAgallows said...

So true! We know this, but we still buy toys anyway. Your kiddos are growing cuter and cuter. Myra is even more mobile. Look at her!

Chelle said...

I've wondered the same thing. Meg seems to only be interested in cleaning products, cooking oils, and emptying the contents of every single drawer in the house. For Christmas I think I'll just change out the contents of the drawers that are within her reach.

Your kids are adorable - I can't believe they've gotten so big (especially Myra) in the few months since we've been gone :(