Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas party!

This year for our Ward Christmas party our so-cool Activities committee (Nate and Caroline Roeth!) broke with tradition and we had a Brunch. Santa appeared first, so no waiting for the kiddos. It also meant that we could get our food in relative peace while the kids were entertained by Santa. A stroke of pure genius, if I may say so. We all had fun.
Here is Myra for her first Santa picture. Also a break with tradition, as she is not only not screaming, she's grinning up a storm. My little social butterfly...

You'll notice that no pictures of Logan appear here. That would be because he spent the entire time running around the building with his friends Ian, Nicky, Carter, and Isaac. They were too cute. Logan breezed by Santa going Mach 2, and identified him as "Santa", but there was no time for lap sitting. Ian was teaching Sunday School (which was SOOOO cute, as his Dad is the Sunday School teacher), and we couldn't miss that!
After the party, we were all pretty tired out. Naptime was a breeze!

Thanks, Nate and Caroline! It was awesome!


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Your kids looks great. Myra as alawys smiling. she is indeed a happy baby. That's funny about Ian Glenn told me about it and I was laughing haha. We defenetly get our kids togheter more often. I already know Logan is one of the dearest friend for Nicky. Ian loves trucks and cars so Logan and Ian has lots on comun:)

Janene said...

Sounds like y'all had a fun party! I hope you had a great Christmas!