Friday, August 20, 2010

More presents!!

I love the age of online/mail order shopping, since it means we get to spin out our birthday's even longer.  Both Mitch and Myra have been enjoying a near daily trickle of more presents!!
Myra is in princess heaven in her new princess pool.  It was high noon when the package came and WAAAAY too hot to go outside, even with water so we blew it up in the living room.
It works great with water as well.  Yum! Dirty sprinkler water!
Oma also sent this sweet dress that she made.  You can't really tell from the picture, but there is fine silver glitter all over the fabric.  Myra loves it!  She keeps asking for her 'parkley dress.
But what is a new dress without new shoes?  Every little Texan needs some boots.  Myra's are pink, of course.  She adores them and has been wearing them everywhere, matching or not.  It's a good thing 90% of her wardrobe is pink.  Yesterday we had a true Texas moment, as we took her to the Walmart wearing a dirty white "wifebeater" style tank top, shorts and naturally, her boots.  I was hoping for a spot on People of Walmart, but she even does white trash with style, and everyone thought she was adorable.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So Aug 14th was my birthday, and an active one at that.

Those of you who know me, or have read of my running escapades in the past, might have predicted that I would go for a little jog on my birthday.

And you'd be right.

The Birthday Loop

The above is a combination of two loops I have run many times in the past, with a little dogleg here noted at miles 6 or so to stop for a water refill at Lion's Park. It ends up being 13.75 miles, or more than a 1/2 marathon, for those counting.

Of note, as of today (Aug 19th), I've put in 53.7 miles since Saturday. Other than the day of the boards (and Sunday, as I never run on Sunday) that's not bad mileage. And I still have a few days left to run.

In more important news, I did have a blast on my birthday. Pictures are on the previous post, I will not reproduce them here.

Lots of good stuff for the birthday. As previously noted, I am fascinated by anything Lance, even now that he's become more Hollywood than Texan. The cycling game looks good, and if I ever figure out how to put the pictures on the electronic frame it will be fantastic. Just not enough physical space for all of the wonderful pictures we have. My folks got me a "Don't Tread On Me" tshirt, and yesterday a running belt came, which has been tested and approved.

I felt some leeway in doing just what I wanted to do, which unfortunately included studying for my boards. Nasty stuff, that, but if I pass (and I think I probably did) I don't have to take it again for at least 10 years and maybe not ever. I hate standardized tests.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


On to our next birthday in the August lineup...  Mitch celebrated another year yesterday!  And I learned my lesson about too many cameras, so photo organization was much easier this time.  Besides, grownup birthdays aren't as photogenic as kid birthdays.

I think Mitch still had a good day.  He got a chance to run in the morning, did some studying (His boards are tomorrow, so wish him luck!) and we celebrated with chocolate fudge cake and ice cream, as well as some of his favorite foods for dinner.
Then it was time for presents!
Logan helped, of course.  Mitch was excited about his digital frame and iTunes gift cards!
Then it was time to open presents from my parents.  Logan started tearing in, and I mentioned that these were for Daddy from Pappy and Oma.  Logan immediately stopped opening the package and said, "No!"  We were so confused!  Did he want Mitch to open them?  No, not that...  What was wrong?  Eventually Logan told us, "I am waiting for Oma and Pappy!"  Awwww!!
Eventually we talked him into it, but Myra had to open one.
Mitch immediately set to reading his new book about Lance, and Logan closely examined the new game.  It looks like fun!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Myra!

It's taken me a while to organize all of the pictures and video for this post.  Getting together two iPhones and a camera...

On Tuesday, our little princess turned 2!  It's hard to believe so much time has gone by.  She's grown so much in the last 2 years, and has definitely developed into her own person, with her own very decided opinions.

She had a great birthday, with as much pink as a little girl could wish for.
She's really not sure what to do with this pile of pink princess presents.
Logan was a good big brother and showed her the ropes.
Then she supervised while he opened the rest of the pile.
She played princesses with Daddy,
rode her new bike,
and fed baby her cereal, while dressed as Princess Aurora.
After all the princesses had been put to bed,
it was time for cake and pink ice cream!
How did she get so much green out of a pink cake?? (And how freaking adorable is that pose for the camera???)
After significant cleanup and jammies, she insisted that she wear her "pretty dress" over her PJs while we got ready for bed.
I'd love to say she slept well, but I think all the excitement (not to mention the cake and ice cream) had both kids pretty wound up.  It was a super fun day, and we were all glad to be able to celebrate our little princess.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is Myra's second birthday, about which there will be more posting to come.  That means she gets to do whatever she wants today.  This morning, she wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty (not an uncommon request), while sitting in her wagon.
Logan joined the party, of course.
And, as you can see, Prince Philip, Aurora, Maleficent and the good fairies weren't far away.  I guess Myra thought they should watch their own movie...